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California Masonry is as varied as it is historic. Our members are, after all, sky-diving risk management reps. They’re mystery novelists. They’re sabre-wielding champagne connoisseurs. They’re political consultants, opera vocalists, and Pearl Harbor survivors. They’re pyrotechnic engineers, firefighters, and master chefs. They’re racecar drivers, ultramarathoners, world travelers, and Endless Summer wave-chasers.

In short, they’re a colorful bunch—with some amazing stories to tell.

And that’s where you come in. California Freemason, the award-winning member magazine of the Masons of California, needs your help. We know that our members, our lodges, and our craft exist at the nexus of some of the most pressing issues facing our communities. We want you to help us shine the spotlight on the people, groups, and stories that make Freemasonry in California relevant today. That can look like a lot of things: An exploration of the role of Freemasonry to early Filipino immigrants in California. How a rural, threatened lodge sprang into action in the wake of historic megafires. Or how California Masons stepped up to provide relief during a pandemic and quarantine—150 years before COVID.

It might also just be a good yarn: Like the Mason devoted to restoring the San Francisco apartment of Dashiell Hammett. Or the lodge that’s designing custom-made kilts.  Or the group of lodge members united by a love of vintage, Italian Lambrettas. Or an appreciation of the famous Masonic-inspired episode of the Simpsons.

Do you know of a story you’d like us to pursue for the magazine? Help us find and share the stories of Masons making waves around the state. Use the form below to send us a tip about the surprising, the inspiring, or the just-plain-strange happenings in the world of California Masonry.

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