WINTER 2021-22

Anything But Silence

Why two grand lodge officers are on a quest to bring music into every Masonic lodge.

The Inheritance

Nee Quaison-Sackey has made it his life’s work to bring people together.

Rhyme and Reason

For 20 years, he was the rapper Ryu. But in lodge, he’s just Ryan.

The Beautiful Sound

Trevor Terence Panganiban’s music bridges East and West.

Lights Up at the Masonic

It’s curtains up at the San Francisco Masonic Memorial Temple.


A musical impressario reflects on a colorful life in shows.

String Theory

Meet three Masons who are expert musical instrument makers.


California Freemason Blog


See fascinating and historic moments in California Freemasonry through our lens in our snapshot archive.

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The French Connection

Check out this 19th century Masonic French antique plate, where east is north and south is west and north is, well, missing! It’s one of the many curiosities housed in the archive of the Grand Lodge, imbued with secret meaning and mystery.

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The Masonic Pursuit of Justice

In celebration of Independence Day, Grand Lodge of California head archivist Joe Evans shares a blue transferware cup plate dated between 1818 and 1836 that suggests Lady Justice a Freemason.

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