FALL 2021

Nights at the Round Table

Round Table Lodge No. 876 on friendship, camaraderie, and squashing beefs.

How to Really—Like, Really—Listen

Experts from the Masonic Assistance and MCYAF teams on mastering uncomfortable conversations.

Is Forgiveness Manly?

Mason and manliness expert Brett McKay unpacks why letting go is the ultimate power move.

Diego Rivera and the Eye of the Beholder

Why a hidden Masonic clue could be key to understanding a Diego Rivera masterpiece.

Getting Back in the Swing

California lodges return after more than a year apart.

Travelodge: In Vallejo, a Lodge-to-Loft Conversion

A stately old Masonic temple gets a modern upgrade.

Worth the Trip

In Barstow, a lodge known for camaraderie for miles around.


California Freemason Blog


See fascinating and historic moments in California Freemasonry through our lens in our snapshot archive.

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The Masonic Pursuit of Justice

In celebration of Independence Day, Grand Lodge of California head archivist Joe Evans shares a blue transferware cup plate dated between 1818 and 1836 that suggests Lady Justice a Freemason.

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Raising the Banner for Brazilian Masonry

There’s a lot of history wrapped up in one little flag from an obscure Brazilian Masonic lodge. Learn more about it—and other artifacts housed in the Grand Lodge archives—as part of our series on Masonic curios.

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