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Inside the Endomosaic

The backstory on the myriad symbols contained within the endomosaic mural inside the CMMT.

What's old is new again

At Freemasons’ Hall in San Francisco, the past and future of Masonic lodge rooms collide.

A temple on the hill

In Union City, The Siminoff Masonic Lodge has a history going back generations.

Lodge master Mark Spurlock-Brown sits on the renovated balcony of the Santa Barbara Masonic Lodge Hall No. 192.

The Spit-Shine

How a simple restoration job is revitalizing Santa Barbara № 192.

The Shredder

In the high desert, an art-making, skateboarding Mason is rewriting perceptions.

The massive, Egyptian-inspired wall art known as the Raj Mahal, executed by Mason artist Raj Champaneri, at Downey United No. 220.

In L.A., an Artist's Legacy Lives On at His Lodge

There's no missing the Egyptian-Inspired wall art at Downey United № 220.

A Degree, Generations in the Making

The seldom-seen Lewis Degree binds Masonic fathers and sons.

Member profile: Zahid peoples

The dancer, entertainer, and party-starter knows how to get people on their feet.


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In Their Words

Examining the relationship of three literary legends with Freemasonry and its impact on their prolific bodies of work

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