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Spanning the Divide

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Why building harmony and friendships are the most important parts of Freemasonry.

For Two California Masonic Grand Lodges, A New Beginning

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Twenty-five years ago, the Grand Lodge of California and the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of California changed the way we all view Freemasonry.

Nights at the Round Table

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Round Table Lodge No. 876 on friendship, camaraderie, and squashing beefs.

How to Really—Like, Really—Listen

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Experts from the Masonic Assistance and MCYAF teams offer strategies for managing— and mastering—uncomfortable conversations.

Is Forgiveness Manly?

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Mason and manliness expert Brett McKay unpacks why letting go is the ultimate power move.

Eye of the Beholder

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Could a hiding-in-plain-sight Masonic icon change the way we understand a Diego Rivera masterpiece?

Getting Back in the Swing

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California Masonic lodges return after more than a year apart.

Travelodge: In Vallejo, a Lodge-to-Loft Conversion

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A historic Masonic temple in Vallejo finds new life as artists’ lofts.

Lodge Profile: Worth the Trip

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In Barstow, one lodge’s reputation for camaraderie is known for miles around.

Flying Their Colors

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A new exhibition remembers when the Knights Templar came to town.

Member Profile: Aziz Yousef

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Meet a San Francisco café owner giving back through Freemasonry.

For Seniors in Need, a Home at Last

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With the brand-new Pavilion, the Masonic Homes opens specialized care to all.

Donor Profile: Roland Ghazal

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Why a California Mason and financial planner is planning for his own death.

Home for Heroes

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At the Masonic Homes of California, a veterans memorial builds a bridge to the not-so-distant past.

Executive Message: In Perfect Harmony

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California Masonic Grand Master Arthur Weiss expounds on the timeless values behind the 2025 Fraternity Plan.


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