California Freemason: As a member of the Cornerstone Society, you’ve left a gift for the California Masonic Foundation in your will. What inspired you to do that?
Roland Ghazal: Organizations operate on an annual budget, which is good for short-term planning. But planned giving—providing for an organization through your will or estate plan—is about having sustainability and creating momentum to build an organization’s future.

CFM: People can be uneasy about discussing their financial plans after death. Why are you so willing to be open about it?
RG: Masonry teaches us to collaborate with people to get things done and make a positive difference. So I want people to include their lodge or other organizations in their will because that’s what will ultimately help these organizations continue to help others. The fellowship and what this organization does to turn good men into better men must continue. A hundred years from now, it doesn’t matter how you lived or what car you drove. But you will make a huge difference if you can make a positive impact on a child’s life. The world will be a different place because of that. And planned giving is the way to do that.

CFM: What passions do you have away from the finance world?
RG: I love to travel and I’m fascinated by symbolism and art history, specifically the 17th and 18th century. I’ve been to 72 countries, and I’ve seen almost every big museum in Europe.

Russ Hennings/Moonbeam Studios

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