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Spanning the Divide

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Why building harmony and friendships are the most important parts of Freemasonry.

Feeling the Sun On Their Skin

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From BBQs to fun-runs, brothers share their best #MasonsOutdoors snaps.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

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Meet the South Bay Mason who’s built a community on two wheels.

Have Craft, Will Travel

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How a gift from one Mason to another launched a fellowship of camping enthusiasts.

In California and Beyond

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Similar to masculine Masonry, these feminine and mixed orders use Masonic ritual and symbolism as tools in the search for truth.

The Rules of Engagement

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With Freemasonry expanding to new jurisdictions, it can be tricky to remember what one can – and can’t – share. How does one navigate conversations?

Our Material Worlds

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Material objects convey culture and reflect shared experiences that span time and geography. Few organizations have as rich a material culture as Freemasonry. Brothers’ lodge attire, jewelry, Masonic gifts, lodge rooms, and ceremonial tools have a profound effect on the member experience – and they do so by design.

True Friendships

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What makes Masonic friendships so special? We talk to California Masons about the Masonic relationships that have transformed their lives – within and outside the fraternity.

Roads To Masonry

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It was the late 1970s when Brett Welch, Garrett Chan, and Albert Lawson’s paths crossed for the first time.

Generations Connected

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Two senior DeMolays, and current Masons, share their impactful experiences and perspectives of these Masonic fraternal orders.

With a Little Help from My Friends

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The Beatles said it in such a simple, yet significant way, “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

Friendship Beyond Years

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When asked what he admires most about his friend Robert “Bob” Ruvelson, Justin Daza-Ritchie does not miss a beat.

Our Dynamic Brotherhood

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New lodges and changes in membership demographics are positioning California Masonry to be stronger and more vibrant than ever.


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