In perfect harmony

Why relationships are still the foundation of our fraternity

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Our 2025 Fraternity Plan, “The World in Harmony,” is based on three pillars, the first of which is True Friendship. That’s fitting, because the relationships that Masons form with one another are the foundation stone of our fra- ternity. The instant trust we feel for our fellow Masons—even those we’ve never met before— provide us with a unique perspective into what it takes to work together, whether that’s with the people immediately around us or out in our communities.

As Masons, we are builders. And one of the most important ways we improve ourselves and the world around us is by building relationships. This is how we open the door to communication and understanding—and bridge the gaps created by closed-mindedness, disrespect, and polarization. It provides us a path toward reconciliation and resolution. We can agree to disagree, or we can achieve compromise. These bridges enable us to move past emotions and ultimately to create a more harmonious environment.

We can all strive to build bridges within our lodges, our families, and our communities. As Masons, we should set an example of servant leadership by working together in a constructive and positive environment. By listening, and forgiving when appropriate, we can achieve our vision of “The World in Harmony.” It is the basis upon which a civil society grows and evolves, a lesson which must be constantly retaught.

Brethren, as we move through the pandemic and into a changed world, we must renew our efforts to build the bridges that bring us the world in harmony. Embrace our 2025 Fraternity Plan and play a role in making it successful. As we close this unique and difficult year, let us keep focused on building a brighter tomorrow. And may the Supreme Grand Master always bless and protect you, your family, and this great fraternity.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Arthur H. Weiss, Grand Master

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