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New Exhibition Shines Light on Past Master’s Jewels

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A new exhibition by the Grand Lodge of California puts past master’s jewels under the spotlight.

The Cheering Section: Masons and Baseball

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An archival Masonic baseball jersey reveals a colorful American history of Freemasonry, lodges, and baseball.

Great Masons: John Whicher

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Longtime Grand Secretary lived the Masonic life—to the very end.

The French Connection

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Check out this 19th century Masonic French antique plate, where east is north and south is west and north is, well, missing! It’s one of the many curiosities housed in the archive of the Grand Lodge, imbued with secret meaning and mystery.

The Masonic Pursuit of Justice

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In celebration of Independence Day, Grand Lodge of California head archivist Joe Evans shares a blue transferware cup plate dated between 1818 and 1836 that suggests Lady Justice a Freemason.

The Portable Masonic Cornerstone Kit

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Yes, they’re gold and silver Masonic flasks. No, they’re not for booze!

Raising the Banner for Brazilian Masonry

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There’s a lot of history wrapped up in one little flag from an obscure Brazilian Masonic lodge. Learn more about it—and other artifacts housed in the Grand Lodge archives—as part of our series on Masonic curios.

Samuel Larison, Freemason and Winemaker

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How one Freemason became a pioneer winemaker for the wine industry and a charter member of Sonoma County’s early Masonic lodge.

How Destiny Chose Walter Wilcox

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A network of Masons assured a young orphan’s future.

Flying Their Colors

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A new exhibition remembers when the Knights Templar came to town.

A Masonic Mystery—in Miniature

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This miniature, golden metal altar—found in the Henry W. Coil Library and Museum of Freemasonry—is undeniably cool. As for what, precisely, it’s for? That’s less clear.

Past, Present

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What one lodge’s mothballed painting tells us about its earliest days

Message on a Bottle

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Pour a draught with these antique Masonic drinking vessels.

They’re Digital, Too

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The fraternity learns to deal with—and thrive in—the Zoom era.

2020 Grand Master’s Proclamations

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Together with the rest of the Grand Family, Grand Master John E. Trauner has announced his administration’s proclamations for the 2020 fraternal year.

Tips For Managing Masonic Records

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Lodges accumulate a mountain of records over the years, in the form of papers, books, artifacts, and photos. The sheer volume can get overwhelming.

Use these guidelines and tools to get rid of the clutter, and to take proper care of your lodge’s important records.

Standing the Test of Time

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The archives of the Henry Wilson Coil Library and Museum of Freemasonry in San Francisco contain more than 100 years’ worth of significant Masonic artifacts.


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