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Fighting Back

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Grand Master John Trauner on how Masons can—and must—aid those in need.

Strong as Ever, 100 Years Later

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Grand Master John Trauner reflects on the historical precedent for Masonic support of public schools.

Ready for Takeoff

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A new year, new decade, a new era for California Freemasonry.

A Golden Opportunity

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Freemasonry has played—and continues to play—a central role in California’s Gold Country.

Our Fraternal Gift

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Folk art has long provided Masons with a creative outlet through which they can share their craft, inspire pride, and provide joy, says Junior Grand Warden Jeff Wilkins.

Stepping Out

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Getting out is the perfect way to strengthen lodges’ relationship to their community.

A Universal Appeal

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Senior Grand Warden Arthur H. Weiss considers the universal nature of Freemasonry’s lessons, and its appeal to men and women alike.

The Bonds Between Us

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Grand Master Bruce R. Galloway reflects upon the father figures and mentors who made a lasting impact upon his personal Masonic experience.

Creating a Culture That Unites

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Junior Grand Warden Arthur H. Weiss explains the beauty and significance of Masonic material culture.

The Value of our Brotherhood

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When I first entered a lodge, I was greeted warmly. And although I did not know anyone, I felt immediately comfortable.

Hope Springs Eternal

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Deputy Grand Master John E. Trauner is moved by DeMolay’s role in shaping the Masonic leaders of tomorrow.

Tools for Writing the Future

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According to Grand Master Stuart A. Wright, the habits of Freemasonry can yield profound transformation.

Chairman of the Board’s Message

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Past Grand Master John Heisner shares his vision for how our Foundation will make an indelible impact.


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