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A Masonic Whodunnit

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A Masonic mystery thriller hits the streaming airwaves

The Masonic Pursuit of Justice

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In celebration of Independence Day, Grand Lodge of California head archivist Joe Evans shares a blue transferware cup plate dated between 1818 and 1836 that suggests Lady Justice a Freemason.

Eye of the Beholder

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Could a hiding-in-plain-sight Masonic icon change the way we understand a Diego Rivera masterpiece?

Pyramid Scheme

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A North Bay Mason’s curious claim on a mysterious icon

The Companies We Keep

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We say farewell to an accidental Masonic icon.

The Code Breakers

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For more than 150 years, the Folger cipher had Masonic experts stumped—until Dr. Brent Morris and his team at the NSA took their turn.

A Homeric Tale

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On the 25th anniversary of the “Stonecutters” episode of The Simpsons, a look back at one of the greatest comic send-ups of Freemasonry ever.

Alchemy and the Transmutation of a Freemason

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The hunt for gold is—metaphorically, anyway—central to Freemasonry.

The Pin Code

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How do you tell a life story, set new goals, and define your legacy—all on a single lapel pin?

Gaming the System

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Four Master Masons try out an archival Masonic board game, with decidedly mixed results.

Secrets of the Cloth

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Masonic wall charts and floor cloths were once banned as too revealing. Now, they’re central parts of modern lodges.

The Etsy Crew

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How today’s makers are keeping the Masonic artistic tradition alive—with some twists.


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