Executive Message

Hope Springs Eternal

By John E. Trauner 
Deputy Grand Master

John E. Trauner

Spring brings renewed hope for all things. As we embark into one of the most beautiful and regenerative seasons, we shake off the doldrums of Old Man Winter and look forward to the warm sunshine of our future.

This truly is a wonderful time to be a Mason. This year we celebrate the centennial of our beloved DeMolay International. Founded by Dad Land in 1919 for the celebrated 9 first boys, he saw a need for young men to belong to an organization much bigger than themselves – one that gave them the foundation to build successful lives upon.

DeMolay’s virtues give every boy and young man the firm footing and clear direction to become a successful leader. They include the love between a child and parent, reverence of the scared, courtesy, comradeship, fidelity, cleanness, and patriotism.

Dad Land believed in these virtues when he imparted them to the first young men. They align perfectly with the Masonic virtues of our gentle craft: temperance, fortitude, prudence, and justice. As Masons, we are our own stewards of virtue. We provide an example for our youth to aspire to, and must never let their progress and inspiration be dimmed by any less than virtuous conduct on our own behalf.

Please remember that the most precious commodity you have to offer your local DeMolay chapter is your time. Become part of a chapter near you or encourage your lodge to sponsor one. Our youth is truly our future, and they depend upon all of us. Let us celebrate together the vision and legacy of DeMolay!

John E. Trauner
Deputy Grand Master

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