Executive Message

The Value of Our Brotherhood


When I first entered a lodge, I was greeted warmly. And although I did not know anyone, I felt immediately comfortable. When I chose to become a Mason, I relied on my guide, who had become a friend. I experienced a profound moment of realization that I was no longer alone, but part of a group of men who shared my values: the Masons. They stood beside me as I learned and explored, asked questions, and gave thanks to our great country and the privileges it offers.

In time, my fellow Masons became my brothers. We were bound by a solemn oath – an unwritten promise that was committed to memory and deeply meaningful. Over the years, as these friendships deepened, I experienced the effects my brothers had on me, as well as my influence on them. Together, we grew and became better men.

Our Masonic friendships sustain us. They cross state lines and international boundaries. Within them, we find mutual respect, unconditional support, trusted mentorship, and countless examples of behaviors to emulate. Our brothers keep us attuned to our values. They teach us how, sometimes, the greatest gift is simply being present.

Freemasonry is a community of friends. And as such, each one of us has a role in building our fraternity. Interaction by interaction, our personal experiences and those we share with our brothers shape our organization. What each of us gives back – in time, talent, and generosity – is significant. This is how we all define the value of our brotherhood.

The difference, truly, is you.

Stuart A. Wright,
Grand Master


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