Executive Message


By John R. Heisner
Past Grand Master
Chairman, California Masonic Foundation Board of Trustees

John Heisner

Last year, your California Masonic Foundation asked each of you to help write the future you want to see in California. Our vision was two-fold: For our communities, we will expand Raising A Reader’s transformative early literacy program to 1,000 California classrooms in our lowest-performing public schools, helping our most vulnerable children have an opportunity for academic success. For our brethren, we will bring critically needed advanced care to our Masonic Homes in Covina and Union City that will keep spouses together during their time of greatest need.

Throughout California, the brethren heeded our call. Eighteen lodges made unprecedented gifts as Pace Setter donors, pledging $100,000 or more to the Let’s Write the Future campaign. Another 13 lodges followed their lead, pledging between $25,000 and $50,000 each. Their efforts were met by 67 individual donors who pledged between $10,000 and $100,000, providing early momentum and an example of leadership. This generosity was unprecedented in the 168-year history of our Grand Lodge.

To the lodges who have made historic contributions, and to those who continue their commitment to charity, I applaud your generosity. To all the brethren and lodge leaders who stepped up and were counted during the first phase of our campaign, I express my deepest thanks and gratitude.

And, to all my brethren, our work is not done! It is just beginning. Although an initial success, this campaign requires our continuing devotion. We must continue to give generously and to inspire others to give if we are to accomplish the goals we have set. Our aims are ambitious because they must be. This is a time for action – to stand together as Masons to make a difference.

Together, we can achieve so much.

John R. Heisner
Chairman, California Masonic Foundation
Board of Trustees

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