Executive Message

Stepping Out

By Stuart A. Wright
Grand Master

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Grand Master Stuart A. Wright spends time outdoors helping on the road as a volunteer CHP officer.

Inside our lodges, we practice our ritual, foster camaraderie, and expand our education. But it’s in the world beyond those walls that Masons have the greatest opportunity to put our practice into action. It’s outside the lodge where our charity, benevolence, and brotherhood can make the biggest difference.

When we attend picnics, go on camping trips, or catch a ballgame with friends, we do so as Masons. In all of these instances, we have the chance to share the ideals of our fraternity with prospects and our communities. It’s through us—our actions, our words, our deeds—that most people form their first impression of Masonry. And so we strive to give our fraternity a good name.

One of the best ways to do that is through public lodge events. Whether they’re community fundraisers or family picnics, these kinds of interactions with our neighbors are an important way for us to spread the lessons and ideals of Freemasonry. No, you can’t ask someone to join. But you can pique their curiosity, and inspire them to ask.

Planning for a public event is also a great way to incorporate new members into a lodge and make them feel like part of a team. The celebrations we host outside of the lodge, like the best rituals we perform within it, are among the most memorable experiences we have as Masons.

So, the question I have for you is: What sort of difference are you going to make when you step outside your lodge?

Stuart A. Wright
Grand Master

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