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New Exhibition Shines Light on Past Master’s Jewels

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A new exhibition by the Grand Lodge of California puts past master’s jewels under the spotlight.

In Masonry and Magic, Blending Illusion and Wonder

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For generations, the world’s greatest magicians have found a second home in Masonry. Why have Masonry and magic shared such a close connection?

Masonic Rebirth Is an Infinite Loop

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The story of Freemasonry is one of death and rebirth. As recent events show, when it comes to California Masonry, what’s old is new again.

Did Banksy Visit a Sonoma County Masonic Lodge?

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Could a piece of stencil art at Windsor No. 181 be a genuine Banksy?

In Hulu’s ‘Lodge 49,’ Jim Gavin Creates His Lodge of Perfection

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AMC comedy series Lodge 49 showrunner Jim Gavin explains his fraternal influences.

Meet Shinji Hara: Masonic Lowrider Artist

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Shinji Hara, a member of Anaheim Masonic Lodge No. 207, is one of the most in-demand lowrider artists in the state.

In Today’s Fraternal Societies, Traces of Freemasonry’s Family Tree

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Fraternal societies like the Freemasons were born out of ancient, operative trade guilds. They weren’t the only ones.

In Yucca Valley, an Art-Making, Skateboarding Mason

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A skateboarding Mason and installation artist at Yucca Valley No. 802 is shredding perceptions about Freemasonry.

The Lewis Degree: A Masonic Ceremony Generations in the Making

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For the select group of Masonic father-and-son combos, the Lewis Degree is a special ceremony binding generations of Masons.

For Freemasons, Death Is Not the End

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Freemasonry offers a framework to living a better life. That’s why it holds so many lessons for confronting death—and whatever comes next.

Traditions in the Trimming

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Exploring the rich cultural traditions of global Masonic attire, Masonic aprons, and other costumes of Freemasonry.

Worthy of Being Worn

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More than a symbol of fraternal devotion, the Masonic apron embodies the wearer’s presentation of himself – to his lodge and to the world.

Eye of the Beholder

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Could a hiding-in-plain-sight Masonic icon change the way we understand a Diego Rivera masterpiece?


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