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A Second Home

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For decades, Masonry has played a central role in the Filipino immigrant experience. Now a new generation is making its mark on the fraternity.

Portal to the Past

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A hiding-in-plain sight Masonic hall in San Francisco tells a rich history of Filipino Freemasonry in California.

A Traveling Brotherhood

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At the Manlalakbay Na Gurong Mason weekend, Filipino Freemasonry transforms into a can’t miss road show.

Trust Fall

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A straight-laced Mason takes a walk on the wild side.

The Shrine

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Inside a living museum to one Mason’s life well-lived.

Heritage Found

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How the craft showed a child of immigrants his roots.

Culture Shock

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A Masonic researcher on the unique nature of Filipino Freemasonry.

Past, Present

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What one lodge’s mothballed painting tells us about its earliest days

Pyramid Scheme

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A North Bay Mason’s curious claim on a mysterious icon

Lodge Profile: Looking Up at Morning Star No. 19

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Things are looking up for Stockton’s Morning Star Masonic Lodge No. 19.

The Best Medicine

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During the pandemic, MYCAF provided seniors at the Masonic Homes with vital connections.

Donor Profile: Edward Page

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A Southern California Mason honors his mother-in-law through the Masonic Homes.

365 Days of Zoom

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Why Redlands No. 300 just can’t quit its nightly Zoom.

Fair Trade

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A new Masonic scholarship builds support for the trades

Executive Message: Pride and Heritage

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Grand Master Arthur Weiss on a historic international connection.


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