In advance of the Masons of California’s 100th annual Public Schools Month in April, and operating with a theme of “California Masonry: Rooted in the Gold Country, Forged in Ideals,” John E. Trauner was elected as Grand Master of Masons in California on Sunday, Oct. 20. Together with the rest of the Grand Family, Trauner announced his administration’s proclamations for the 2020 fraternal year.

February 2020 is Masonic Widows Month
March 2020 is Youth Orders Month
April 2020 is Public Schools Month
June 2020 is Masonic Homes Month
September 2020 is Constitutional Observance Month
October 2020 is First Responders Month

California lodges are encouraged to recognize each proclamation with appropriate events, fundraising, and other forms of recognition. For more information, contact Member Services at memberservices@freemason.org or (415) 776-7000.