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At the International Conference on Freemasonry, Exploring the Treasures in the Lodge Attic

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At the 11th International Conference on Freemasonry, expert historians train their sights on the lodge attic.

Meet Shinji Hara: Masonic Lowrider Artist

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Shinji Hara, a member of Anaheim Masonic Lodge No. 207, is one of the most in-demand lowrider artists in the state.

For Masonic Artifact Collectors, They’re Another Man’s Treasure

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To some, collecting Masonic artifacts, rings, aprons, and jewelry isn’t just a hobby. It’s a craze.

Little Treasures

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A woodworking hobbyist turns his sights on the Masonic lodge

Crafting Their Legacy

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A stunning new exhibition explores the symbolism behind hand-crafted Masonic folk art.

The Etsy Crew

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How today’s makers are keeping the Masonic artistic tradition alive—with some twists.

Meaningful Objects

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Freemasonry’s material culture holds deep meaning for its members – and the same can be said for organizations throughout the world. Here, we look at examples of material culture within the fraternity and the wider world that convey emotional and experiential significance.

Our Material Worlds

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Material objects convey culture and reflect shared experiences that span time and geography. Few organizations have as rich a material culture as Freemasonry. Brothers’ lodge attire, jewelry, Masonic gifts, lodge rooms, and ceremonial tools have a profound effect on the member experience – and they do so by design.

Standing the Test of Time

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The archives of the Henry Wilson Coil Library and Museum of Freemasonry in San Francisco contain more than 100 years’ worth of significant Masonic artifacts.

Leading With Beauty

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The Masonic rods that deacons and stewards use within the ceremonial lodge are imbued with meaning and symbolism.

The Legacy of Objects

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One lodge’s near-casualty inspired a renewed interest in preserving Masonic artifacts, and revealed a treasure trove of California history.


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