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The Companies We Keep

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We say farewell to an accidental Masonic icon.

The Code Breakers

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For more than 150 years, the Folger cipher had Masonic experts stumped—until Dr. Brent Morris and his team at the NSA took their turn.

The Secret Ingredient

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A historian probes the enduring appeal of Masonic secrets.

In Other Words…

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A planned degree ceremony in multiple languages underscores the universality of Freemasonry.

On Freemasonry and Mormon Undergarments

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At the International Conference on Freemasonry at UCLA a study of Mormon undergarments shines light on fraternal esotericism.

Speaking to My Soul: Prof. Susan Sommers on Esoteric Origins in Freemasonry

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Ninth annual International Conference on Freemasonry at UCLA will explore the Masonic quest for secret knowledge.

Introducing the Obligation Renewal Ceremony

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Ceremony gives lodges an opportunity to reengage longtime Master Masons.

2020 Ritual Competition

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We are excited to announce that in 2020 we will again hold a Ritual Competition recognizing the importance of ritual excellence within our jurisdiction.

Alchemy and the Transmutation of a Freemason

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The hunt for gold is—metaphorically, anyway—central to Freemasonry.

The Sun, the Moon, and the Master

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Lunar imagery has long shined in the Masonic lodge room, literally and symbolically.

Secrets of the Cloth

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Masonic wall charts and floor cloths were once banned as too revealing. Now, they’re central parts of modern lodges.

Our Inverted World

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What a curious passage tells us about Masonry’s relationship to the world.

A Voice During the Women’s Movement: The Order of the Eastern Star

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While the women’s movement offered women more political power, Eastern Star
broadened opportunities for women across the country.

A Friend and Brother

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The initiatic process of becoming a Freemason is one filled with symbols, some of which are easier to interpret than others.

The Warrior Monk

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The historic namesake of the order of DeMolay carries with it a fascinating history that has long piqued curiosity and study.


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