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Legion of Boom

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Marvel at the explosive bond between a group of pyrotechnic engineer Freemasons.

Ask Us Anything

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A resort-town Masonic lodge goes digital—and the prospects follow.

The Borderland Lodge

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At Imperial Valley Lodge No. 390, Masons are making valuable community connections on both sides of the border; and tracking Masonic first pitch misfires in anticipation of another Masons4Mitts season.

The Fix-It Crew

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The Masonic Emergency Response Team training program equips volunteers with protocols for managing a disaster.

Lessons in Support

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Meet some of the California lodges taking public-schools support into their own hands.

In Other Words…

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A planned degree ceremony in multiple languages underscores the universality of Freemasonry.

Family Matters

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For the members of the youngest lodge in the state, American Canyon Lodge No. 875, Masonry is a multigenerational affair

Challenge Accepted

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California Masons responded to the #bluelodgechallenge, highlighting acts of everyday charity that are transforming their communities.


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When a Masonic headstone turned up out of the blue, local Masons set to work finding its true resting place.

A Vested Interest

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One lodge is rethinking what it means to protect and serve.

The Do-It-Yourself Lodge

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For members of San Francisco’s Logos Lodge No. 861, creativity permeates all aspects of lodge life.

Meet Me Outside

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Once a year, the Temecula Catalina Island Lodge heads for the hills.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

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Meet the South Bay Mason who’s built a community on two wheels.


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