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In San Diego, the Johnny Ritchey Scholarship Honors a Legend

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A new Masonic scholarship in San Diego recognizes Johnny Ritchey, the “Jackie Robinson of the West Coast.”

From Sublime to Masonry to Politics: The Mayor of Dub

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From one of the early members of Sublime to mayor of La Palma, California Freemason Marshall Goodman is well-qualified to represent the L.B.C.

Spanning the Divide

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Why building harmony and friendships are the most important parts of Freemasonry.

For Two California Masonic Grand Lodges, A New Beginning

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Twenty-five years ago, the Grand Lodge of California and the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of California changed the way we all view Freemasonry.

How to Really—Like, Really—Listen

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Experts from the Masonic Assistance and MCYAF teams offer strategies for managing— and mastering—uncomfortable conversations.

Is Forgiveness Manly?

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Mason and manliness expert Brett McKay unpacks why letting go is the ultimate power move.

The End of the Lodge Secretary?

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The newly launched iMember 2.0 promises to make Masons’ lives a lot easier.

The Rules of Engagement

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With Freemasonry expanding to new jurisdictions, it can be tricky to remember what one can – and can’t – share. How does one navigate conversations?

Our Material Worlds

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Material objects convey culture and reflect shared experiences that span time and geography. Few organizations have as rich a material culture as Freemasonry. Brothers’ lodge attire, jewelry, Masonic gifts, lodge rooms, and ceremonial tools have a profound effect on the member experience – and they do so by design.

Mentors in the Field

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One Northern California lodge found that giving back to local DeMolays brought great meaning and purpose to the young men they supported.

Guiding Principles

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The president of the DeMolay Foundation, a Masons and Pace Setter donor, reflects on how the order prepared him for his role as a global CFO.

Tomorrow’s Masonic Leaders

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Meaningful scholarships give deserving students and Masonic youth leaders an opportunity to build a successful future.

Our Dynamic Brotherhood

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New lodges and changes in membership demographics are positioning California Masonry to be stronger and more vibrant than ever.


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