When it comes to membership numbers, tracking growth can be confusing. That’s because between 1944 to 1953, around 115,000 men were made Masons in California lodges, nearly doubling our membership in a single decade. Unfortunately, this growth proved to be unsustainable – and the resulting decline has spanned decades. The good news? If, next year, every California lodge achieves just two more gains and two fewer losses, our membership will likely stabilize. And from there, we will be poised for growth. Demand for Masonry is rising – renewing our presence in urban areas, and spreading to communities that have never had a lodge before. And, with a membership focus that emphasizes close connections and genuine friendships, our brotherhood has never been stronger or more vibrant!

Our fraternity bid welcome to 2,677 brothers this year!






– Entered Apprentices Initiated

– Fellow Crafts passed

– Brothers restored to good standing

– Master Masons raised

– Out-of-state affiliations

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