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The End of the Lodge Secretary?

Not quite. But iMember 2.0 will make Masons’ lives a lot easier.

By Antone Pierucci

A social media-style lodge feed. Automated reminders about ritual practice. Even QR codes to check into out-of-town lodges.

It’s all part of iMember 2.0, the new one-stop-shop for Masonic resources. The platform, which is available for everyone from candidates to district inspectors, brings important membership, communication, and educational resources together for the first time, along with enhanced functions based on membership level. That means candidates can access training materials, while officers can send notices and district inspectors can access statewide databases.

Among the new perks built into the system, which is currently being used by 37 other Masonic jurisdictions worldwide, is a Find a Meeting tool, which members can use to scout nearby Masonic lodges while traveling. A QR code associated with each lodge allows you to check in digitally, creating a record that’s saved to your profile. Another tool allows members to indicate their preferred mode of communication—so lodge reminders show up as either texts, emails, or robocalls. A lodge social feed is also contained within the new platform, which is accessible on any smartphone, tablet, or computer—no additional downloads necessary.

Other features include a calendar view of lodge events and far more robust membership information at the lodge, district, and even jurisdiction level. For fraternity leaders, accessing that kind of data can help identify issues with the membership pipeline—and presents them with the tantalizing prospect of increasing membership and better retaining prospects. For most members, though, the new digital dues card is reason enough to celebrate.

iMember 2.0 will be rolled out July 1. For training and to learn more, visit californiafreemason.org/imember2.

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