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Lodge Profile: Ordinary Lodge, Extraordinary Impact

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A small-town California lodge makes a big-time impact.

The Deconstructed Lodge

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What will a Masonic lodge look like in the future? The answer is already here—and it probably won’t be in a lodge.

Ask Me Anything

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For a generation of Freemasons, the place to turn for info isn’t in person, but rather online.

Lodge Profile: The Borderland Lodge

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At Imperial Valley Lodge No. 390, Masons are making valuable community connections on both sides of the border; and tracking Masonic first pitch misfires in anticipation of another Masons4Mitts season.

Lodge Profile: Family Matters

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For the members of the youngest lodge in the state, American Canyon Lodge No. 875, Masonry is a multigenerational affair

Masonic Greeting Cards for Every Occasion

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Say it with style! These beautiful greeting cards – featuring California Freemason magazine cover artwork – are the perfect way to share your thoughts and well wishes.

Creating a Culture That Unites

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Junior Grand Warden Arthur H. Weiss explains the beauty and significance of Masonic material culture.

A Friend and Brother

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The initiatic process of becoming a Freemason is one filled with symbols, some of which are easier to interpret than others.

The Bonds of a Lifelong Brotherhood

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Albert Keshishian’s office was like his life: full to the point of overflowing. Shelves were crammed with books about rugs beside books about history and horse racing.

Our Impact on Society

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Learn more about what our fraternity is achieving year by year, life by life.

Coming Together to Give Back

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While their generous donations will make a lasting impact for California Masonic charities, Pace Setter lodges find that the impacts of their gifts are also close to home.

An Eye Towards The Future

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Pace Setter individual donors are motivated by a variety of factors. At the heart of them is charity and brotherhood.


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