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At the California Masonic Memorial Temple, a Community Treasure

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For 64 years, the California Masonic Memorial Temple in San Francisco has been the home of the Masons of California. But it’s so much more.

Emile Norman’s Endomosaic: A Window of Wonder

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Artist Emile Norman never became a household name. But his massive artwork remains a treasure of California Freemasonry in San Francisco.

In Freemasons’ Hall, What’s Old is New Again

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At Freemasons’ Hall, inside the Grand Lodge of California temple in San Francisco, the past and future of Masonic lodge rooms collide.

In Yucca Valley, an Art-Making, Skateboarding Mason

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A skateboarding Mason and installation artist at Yucca Valley No. 802 is shredding perceptions about Freemasonry.

History Lives On at the Masonic Homes’ Siminoff Temple

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The Siminoff Temple at the Masonic Homes of California has a history going back over a century.

Lodge Profile: At Santa Barbara No. 192, a Renovation Outside and In

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At Santa Barbara No. 192, restoration of the ornate temple mirrors the revitalization happening inside the Masonic lodge.

The Lewis Degree: A Masonic Ceremony Generations in the Making

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For the select group of Masonic father-and-son combos, the Lewis Degree is a special ceremony binding generations of Masons.

Member Profile: Zahid Peoples

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Meet Zahid Peoples, a party-starting Bay Area Mason who hypes up crowds from sports games to music festivals.

At Downey United, a Mason Leaves an Artistic Legacy

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There’s no missing the massive, Egyptian-inspired wall art known as the Raj Mahal, executed by Mason artist Raj Champieri, at Downey United No. 220.

In Masterpiece’s ‘Endeavour,’ a Masonic Mystery Takes Shape

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In Endeavour, the Masterpiece mystery and prequel to Inspector Lewis, the Masonic lodge is given the third degree.

Donor Profile: CMMT Board Chairman Mark Pressey

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California Masonic Memorial Temple chairman Mark Pressey has a special connection with the home of California Masonry.

Grand Master Wilkins: A Grand Lodge for All

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Grand Master Jeffery M. Wilkins reflects on the importance of our Grand Lodge temple—and its wonderful potential.

In San Diego, a Lodge Degree Is Masterfully Done

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A San Diego Masonic lodge holds a special second degree ceremony with current masters sitting in every lodge position.


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