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Golden Revival

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Celebrating the illustrious history—and glittering future—of Masonry in California’s Gold Country.

The Wheelman

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Lee Wilbourne is creating some of the world’s fastest rides from his home garage.

In His Blood

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For Past Master Fred Flint-Montero, Penrhyn Masonry is an inherited trait.

Accompany Man

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There’s a new sound in Auburn, thanks to lodge organist Nick Theriault.


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When a Masonic headstone turned up out of the blue, local Masons set to work finding its true resting place.

A Golden Opportunity

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Freemasonry has played—and continues to play—a central role in California’s Gold Country.

Alchemy and the Transmutation of a Freemason

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The hunt for gold is—metaphorically, anyway—central to Freemasonry.

Pomona Goes Hollywood

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A stately Masonic lodge gets its premium-cable close-up.

The Sun, the Moon, and the Master

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Lunar imagery has long shined in the Masonic lodge room, literally and symbolically.

International Man of Masonry

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Michael Ramos: Mason on two continents and new lodge development manager.

Master, Chef

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Meet the Mason helping kids by activating underused lodge kitchens.

A Vested Interest

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One lodge is rethinking what it means to protect and serve.

Member Profile: Andre Harrell

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How leadership helped a soft-spoken Mason find his voice.

Golden Guys

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Welcome to Shared Housing, an innovative new program in Covina.


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