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The Mystery House

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When a tiny apartment with a big-time literary past came up for rent, William Arney found himself walking in Sam Spade’s footsteps.

The Lodge That Wasn’t There

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Meet the Invisible Lodge, the most mysterious Masonic group in the known—or unknown—world.

The Code Breakers

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For more than 150 years, the Folger cipher had Masonic experts stumped—until Dr. Brent Morris and his team at the NSA took their turn.

The All-Seeing Private Eye

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A Master Mason gumshoe taps into his inner Philip Marlowe to hunt down the truth.

The Perfect Crime

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Mystery writer James Lincoln Warren is an expert author of the hardboiled crime story.

The Secret Ingredient

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A historian probes the enduring appeal of Masonic secrets.

Scottish, Right?

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A traditional observance lodge pulls out all the sartorial stops with a new custom tartan kilt.

For Masons4Mitts, a Year of Sliding In Safely

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Masons4Mitts adapts to an unusual season by combatting the “COVID slide” for disadvantaged students.

At the Masonic Homes, Staying Ahead of the Curve

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With the coronavirus wreaking havoc across the state, the Masonic Homes of California sprung into action to ensure the health of its residents and staff members.

A Year to Remember

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Grand Master John Trauner reflects on a truly unforgettable Masonic year.


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