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Leaving a Legacy

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Grand Master Trauner explains that what Masonry gives us, we give our daughters.


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Four inspiring examples of Masonry deepening the bond between father and daughter.

100 Years Later, Still Leaning In

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A century after its founding, Job’s Daughters keeps on evolving.

Fighting Like a Girl

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Why Masons are in a prime position to affect the world their girls step into.

99 Steps to a Better Future

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A compendium of tips and advice for working with the youth orders.

The Ride of Your Lives

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Adolescence is already a roller-coaster—and especially for girls. Lucky for Masons, they’ve got a team ready to help.

Legion of Boom

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Marvel at the explosive bond between a group of pyrotechnic engineer Freemasons.

Member Profile: DeAndre Simmons

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Meet a globe-trotting opera singer with deep Masonic roots.

Lodge Profile: Ask Us Anything

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A resort-town Masonic lodge goes digital—and the prospects follow.

The End of the Lodge Secretary?

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The newly launched iMember 2.0 promises to make Masons’ lives a lot easier.

Donor Profile: Romeo Escober

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Why a first-time donor summoned his father’s memory in giving to the DWB Relief Fund.


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