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The Perfect Fit

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One Mason’s desire to create something new, beautiful, and impactful carries through to present day.

Mystical, Magical, Scarce

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Lodge organists are a vanishing breed—but one with the power to transform the Masonic ritual.

Anything but Silence

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Why two grand lodge officers are on a quest to bring music into every Masonic lodge.

The Inheritance

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Nee Quaison-Sackey has made it his life’s work to bring people together.

Rhyme and Reason

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For 20 years, he was the rapper Ryu. But in lodge, he’s just Ryan.

The Beautiful Sound

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Trevor Terence Panganiban’s music bridges East and West.

Rave Recollections

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A musical impressario reflects on a colorful life in shows.

String Theory

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Meet three Masons who are expert musical instrument makers.

Member Profile: Austin Davis

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A Mason and conductor putting Native American music on the map.

Tune Squad

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Meet the L.A. lodge with a distinctly musical bent.

Member Profile: DeAndre Simmons

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Meet a globe-trotting opera singer with deep Masonic roots.

Accompany Man

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There’s a new sound in Auburn, thanks to lodge organist Nick Theriault.

Rising From The Ashes

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The fire in Paradise took everything from Nate Smith. It also gave him the inspiration to kick-start his country music career.


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