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The Unique Charms of California’s Small-Town Masonry

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From Ferndale to Big Bear, California’s small-town Masonic lodges have their own unique character—and offer a model for community involvement.

In the Face of Fire, a Heroic Act of Masonic Relief

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When fire threatened their community, members of Kern River Valley No. 827 turned to their greatest asset to provide Masonic relief.

Millard Sheets Is the Artist Behind the L.A. Scottish Rite Temple

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At the Los Angeles Scottish Rite Temple, a Masonic landmark is a testament to a the artistic vision of Millard Sheets.

Meet Shinji Hara: Masonic Lowrider Artist

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Shinji Hara, a member of Anaheim Masonic Lodge No. 207, is one of the most in-demand lowrider artists in the state.

At the Masonic Lodge, Gen Z Is in Charge Now

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A new, younger generation of Masons is increasingly rising through the leadership ranks of the fraternity.

For Masonic Trivia, Jeopardy Is Clued In

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When it comes to the venerable quiz show Jeopardy!, Freemasonry and other Masonic themes are well-trod territory.

Donor Profile: Mike Tagulao

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How a Filipino culture of generosity has transformed California Mason Mike Tagulao’s approach to philanthropy and relief.

In Today’s Fraternal Societies, Traces of Freemasonry’s Family Tree

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Fraternal societies like the Freemasons were born out of ancient, operative trade guilds. They weren’t the only ones.

Grand Master Randy Brill: In Small Towns, A Lodge Is a Civic Center

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Grand Master Randy Brill explains what small-town Masonry can teach us all.


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