For Masonic Trivia, Jeopardy Is Clued In

By Ian A. Stewart

Freemasonry has long enjoyed a reputation for being shrouded in mystery. But when it comes to Jeopardy!, Freemasonry is more like an old familiar standby. In fact, according to the website J! Archives, which tracks clues and responses covering the 38-year history of the long-running quiz show, the terms Mason, Masonic, or Freemason have been referenced at least 70 times on the show. Among the most common clues are “Mozart’s Magic Flute,” “the Shriners,” and “the Anti-Masonic Party” (the early 19th century third political party).

Here’s a bit more Jeopardy! Masonic trivia: On at least three occasions, entire categories were devoted to Masonic themes, and in April 2015, contestant Tom Imler wore a Masonic lapel pin during the game and was introduced as a member of a lodge in North Carolina.

Curiously, however, according to the online archives, only once has Masonry been the answer to Final Jeopardy. Now that’s a mystery. 

Image courtesy of:
Reddit User PickleJuiceInACan

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