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The Masonic Homes at 125: An Ever-Changing Haven

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The Masonic Homes of California evolved from a 19th century widows and orphans home into an innovative apparatus of care and relief.

New Masonic Homes CEO Terry Quigley: “We’re Standing On A Lot of History Here”

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For new CEO Terry Quigley, there’s a solid foundation—and amazing potential—at the Masonic Homes of California.

A Masonic Charity Bike Ride Turns into a Voyage to the East

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On a cross-country Masonic charity bike ride, a California Freemason leans on his fraternal support network.

Lodge Profile: Two Masonic Lodges, Just Steps from Home

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At the Masonic Homes’ on-campus lodges, membership is growing outward.

The Conversation Starter: Meet a Masonic Podcast Host

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Meet Michael Quintal, the voice behind the Masonic podcast Keepers of the Word.

At a New Hispanic Research Lodge, They’re More than Study Buddies

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A newly formed Hispanic research lodge is focusing its attention on the history and heritage of Freemasonry in Latin America.

In Senior Living, We’re Better Together

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For seniors in retirement, as in the Masonic lodge, strong social connections are the secret to successful aging.

In Hawaii, an Outpouring of Masonic Relief—and Aloha

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In the wake of the destructive Lahaina wildfire, Freemasons from around the world rallied to deliever Masonic relief to Hawaii.

More than Retirement Homes: The Wide World of Masonic Relief

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The Masonic Homes of California are more than just retirement communities. Take a tour around the wide world of Masonic assistance.

Masonic Outreach Services: The “Magic Wand” of Masonic Relief

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Through Masonic Outreach Services, California Masons are able to deliver care and support to members throughout the state—and beyond.

Donor Profile: Ernest Salcido Jr.

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A driver at the Masonic Homes talks about joining the fraternity and giving back.

New Exhibition Shines Light on Past Master’s Jewels

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A new exhibition by the Grand Lodge of California puts past master’s jewels under the spotlight.

Dig Deep Farms Is Unearthing a History of Agriculture at the Masonic Homes

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Thanks to a novel partnership with Dig Deep Farms, the agricultural heritage of the Masonic Homes is being brought back to life.

Grand Master Randall Brill: At the Masonic Homes, the Jewel Keeps Shining

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Grand Master Randall Brill reflects on 125 years of history and progress at the Masonic Homes of California.


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