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Masonic Assistance: It's So Much More than Retirement Homes

Getting to know the Masonic Homes beyond the Masonic Homes.

Quynh Train of Masonic Outreach Services speaks at a lodge outreach training event. The Masonic Homes of California are more than just retirement communities. Take a tour around the wide world of Masonic assistance.
Quynh Train of Masonic Outreach Services speaks at a lodge outreach training event.

Ask most Masons what the Masonic Homes of California is, and they’ll probably tell you about the century-old retirement homes in Union City and Covina. But that’s hardly a complete answer. In fact, only about 15 percent of the Masonic Homes’ overall clientele live on campus. The vast majority of people who receive its services never set foot there at all. Here, a primer on the tentacles of a statewide apparatus of relief.  

Part One: Masonic Outreach Services

Masonic Outreach Services is the primary resource through which Masons in California are connected with relief and support services. Its programs include: 

Information and Referrals

The one-stop Masonic Assistance hotline at (888) 466-3642 connects callers with the entire range of Masonic Homes programs, as well as referrals to local services like veterans’ benefits, local in-home care, and senior-transportation agencies. There are zero financial eligibility requirements. 

OPEN TO: All California Masons and their families. 

Masonic Senior Outreach Services

Care managers with Masonic Senior Outreach Services (MSOS) help senior Masons navigate their care needs. MSOS staff provide regular visits and check-ins, information about local programs and supports, and help securing senior housing in the community. In addition to care management, MSOS provides needs-based financial support to eligible seniors.

OPEN TO: California Masons age 60+ and their wives, widows, and mothers. Financial support is available to those who have been in good standing for at least the past five years. (Age 55+ if permanently disabled.) 

Masonic Family Outreach Services

Open to Masons of all ages, MFOS helps members and their families navigate challenges like job loss, foreclosure, and divorce. MFOS case managers can help identify resources for a child with special needs and connect clients with local programs and public benefits. Additionally, one-time financial support is available as needed as a bridge toward self-sufficiency.

OPEN TO: California Masons under 60 with a demonstrated need, and their families. Financial support is available to those who have been in good standing for at least the past five years. 

Shared Senior Housing

Based in Covina, the Shared Housing program is an affordable option for seniors who are able to live independently. Program participants have their own private bedroom and bathroom, plus access to a shared living room, kitchen, and outdoor spaces.

OPEN TO: California Masons age 62+ with a demonstrated financial need who are able to live independently. 

Part Two: Masonic Center for Youth and Families

Founded in 2011, MCYAF offers a wide range of mental health services for children, families, and seniors—all available on a sliding fee scale.

ALL SERVICES OPEN TO: California Masons, their families, and the general public. 

Educational Therapy

Licensed educational therapists help families create custom learning plans and provide homework support for children with learning differences. 


MCYAF offers a comprehensive suite of psychological assessments to help kids assess and overcome challenges related to cognitive, emotional, and neuropsychological development. 

Individual and Family Therapy

Whether clients are meeting alone or with their family, MCYAF helps them harness their strengths by creating trusting relationships in a safe and accepting environment. 

Group Therapy and Workshops

MCYAF counselors help clients facilitate conversations, manage feelings of isolation, and foster a greater sense of self-understanding. 

Part Three: The Masonic Homes

The physical campuses in Union City and Covina are home to more than 300 seniors and employ more than 400 people. Both serve Masons and, for select services, the wider public. 

Residential Communities

As continuing care retirement communities, or CCRCs, the senior communities in Covina and Union City offer multiple levels of care, from independent-living apartments to assisted-living, memory care, and skilled-nursing settings. That means no matter what happens with a resident’s health, they never have to move away to get the care they need. 

OPEN TO: California Masons over 60 in good standing who’ve been Master Masons for at least five years (and their wives, widows, and mothers). 

Skilled Nursing and Memory Care

With the opening of the Pavilion in Union City and the upcoming opening of the health center in Covina, the Masonic Homes now offers care for those dealing with memory loss or in need of skilled nursing. These brand-new residences are specially licensed and equipped for those higher levels of care.

OPEN TO: All California Masons, their families, and the general public. 

Short-Term Rehabilitation

Both locations of the Masonic Homes also offer best-in-class short-term rehabilitation to people recovering from stroke, heart attack, or other health issues. With hotel-like amenities and private rooms, patients are able to access programs from a wide range of on-site clinicians, registered nurses, rehab therapists, and case managers.

OPEN TO: All California Masons, their families, and the general public. 

For support and information about the Masonic Homes of California or Masonic Outreach Services,
call (888) 466-3642.

To volunteer with the Lodge Outreach Program,
call (888) 466-3642 or email

We’re Here to Help


  • Information and referrals
  • Senior communities in Covina and Union City
  • Statewide Masonic Outreach Services for members of all ages and their families
  • Transitions short-term care for neurological and post-surgical rehabilitation (Union City)
  • The Masonic Center for Youth and Families in San Francisco and Covina – with telehealth services now available everywhere
  • Shared housing for seniors in Covina

Contact us today to access your member benefits and services:
(888) 466-3642
(877) 488-6293 (San Francisco)
(626) 251-2300 (Covina)

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