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COVID-19 Updates

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It’s during times like these that Freemasons show what they’re all about. And that’s lending a hand. Hear more from Grand Master John E. Trauner.

Masonic Homes Expert: Best Practices During COVID-19

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Vice president of clinical operations for the Masonic Homes of California Joseph Pritchard shares five ways to stay safe during the outbreak.

Grand Master John Trauner Announces COVID Relief Effort

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Check back frequently for the latest news related to the COVID-19 outbreak from the Masons of California.

Quarantine, Disease, and Masonic Relief—170 Years Ago

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During the Sacramento Cholera Outbreak of 1850, Masons took the reins of a public health emergency.

Dive Deeper Into the Craft

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Stuck at home? Check out these interesting Masonic resources to learn more about the Craft.

Our Fraternity’s Promise to One Another

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Our fraternal bonds are never more important than they are right now, as we grapple with the COVID-19 health emergency.

Lodge Events During COVID-19

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With growing public health concerns about the COVID-19 virus, here are some guidelines around lodge events and meetings.

Grand Lodge-Sponsored Event Status Spring 2020

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Status for Grand Lodge-Sponsored Events – Spring 2020


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