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At Paradise Park, a Masonic Club in the Woods

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In Santa Cruz, a historic Masonic getaway prepares for its 100th anniversary while maintaining a unique ownership arrangement.

Did Banksy Visit a Sonoma County Masonic Lodge?

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Could a piece of stencil art at Windsor No. 181 be a genuine Banksy?

Meet Shinji Hara: Masonic Lowrider Artist

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Shinji Hara, a member of Anaheim Masonic Lodge No. 207, is one of the most in-demand lowrider artists in the state.

In Yucca Valley, an Art-Making, Skateboarding Mason

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A skateboarding Mason and installation artist at Yucca Valley No. 802 is shredding perceptions about Freemasonry.

In California’s Spanish-Speaking Lodges, a Masonic Culture Club

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For members of California’s two official Spanish-speaking Masonic lodges, the sense of brotherhood is twice as strong.

Lodge Profile: At Napa Valley No. 93, a Wine Country Lodge Pays It Forward

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How Napa Valley Masonic Lodge No. 93 used its greatest asset—the impressive Ritchie Block building in St. Helena—to pay it forward.


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