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In Senior Living, We’re Better Together

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For seniors in retirement, as in the Masonic lodge, strong social connections are the secret to successful aging.

Masonic Rebirth Is an Infinite Loop

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The story of Freemasonry is one of death and rebirth. As recent events show, when it comes to California Masonry, what’s old is new again.

In Masonic Ritual, Performance as Progress

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Author and “manliness” expert Brett McKay explains how ritual helps us make sense of life’s progressions.

Meet Shinji Hara: Masonic Lowrider Artist

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Shinji Hara, a member of Anaheim Masonic Lodge No. 207, is one of the most in-demand lowrider artists in the state.

At the Masonic Lodge, Gen Z Is in Charge Now

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A new, younger generation of Masons is increasingly rising through the leadership ranks of the fraternity.

In Yucca Valley, an Art-Making, Skateboarding Mason

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A skateboarding Mason and installation artist at Yucca Valley No. 802 is shredding perceptions about Freemasonry.

Before the Ballot Box

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The inside scoop on how the junior grand warden is chosen.

Is Forgiveness Manly?

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Mason and manliness expert Brett McKay unpacks why letting go is the ultimate power move.


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