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At Santa Barbara No. 192, Masonic Relief Comes From the Heart

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Don Goldberg and Santa Barbara No. 192 have an uncommon commitment to Masonic outreach.

The Masonic Homes at 125: An Ever-Changing Haven

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The Masonic Homes of California evolved from a 19th century widows and orphans home into an innovative apparatus of care and relief.

New Masonic Homes CEO Terry Quigley: “We’re Standing On A Lot of History Here”

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For new CEO Terry Quigley, there’s a solid foundation—and amazing potential—at the Masonic Homes of California.

In Senior Living, We’re Better Together

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For seniors in retirement, as in the Masonic lodge, strong social connections are the secret to successful aging.

In Hawaii, an Outpouring of Masonic Relief—and Aloha

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In the wake of the destructive Lahaina wildfire, Freemasons from around the world rallied to deliever Masonic relief to Hawaii.

More than Retirement Homes: The Wide World of Masonic Relief

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The Masonic Homes of California are more than just retirement communities. Take a tour around the wide world of Masonic assistance.

Masonic Outreach Services: The “Magic Wand” of Masonic Relief

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Through Masonic Outreach Services, California Masons are able to deliver care and support to members throughout the state—and beyond.

Outstanding in Outreach

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How Beach Cities No. 753 made lodge outreach central to its entire mission.

How to Really—Like, Really—Listen

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Experts from the Masonic Assistance and MCYAF teams offer strategies for managing— and mastering—uncomfortable conversations.

Donor Profile: Edward Page

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A Southern California Mason honors his mother-in-law through the Masonic Homes.

Spreading Relief

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When the COVID-19 crisis erupted, the Masons of California found new ways to pull together and live up to their obligation to provide relief.

Here For Masonic Seniors

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If you, a loved one, or a lodge brother or widow needs support, Masonic Senior Outreach Services (MSOS) may be able to help.

Acorn to Oak

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Celebrating 50 years of the California Masonic Foundation – and our most generous year in the fraternity’s 168-year history!

Coming Together to Give Back

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While their generous donations will make a lasting impact for California Masonic charities, Pace Setter lodges find that the impacts of their gifts are also close to home.


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