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Masonic Rebirth Is an Infinite Loop

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The story of Freemasonry is one of death and rebirth. As recent events show, when it comes to California Masonry, what’s old is new again.

At the Masonic Homes of California, a Chance for New Beginnings

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For seniors at the Masonic Homes of California, moving in is an opportunity to focus on what matters most.

At Round Table Masonic Lodge, It’s On to the Next One

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Round Table No. 876 performed 33 degrees last year. Only one of them was for a member of their own lodge.

In Masonic Ritual, Performance as Progress

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Author and “manliness” expert Brett McKay explains how ritual helps us make sense of life’s progressions.

At the Masonic Center for Youth and Families, A Chance to Begin Again

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For families in crisis, MCYAF offers a chance to regroup, reset, and restart.

Did Banksy Visit a Sonoma County Masonic Lodge?

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Could a piece of stencil art at Windsor No. 181 be a genuine Banksy?

In Vancouver, a Masonic Lodge Redevelopment

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In Vancouver, a pair of lodges are reborn as mixed-use developments.

In Hulu’s ‘Lodge 49,’ Jim Gavin Creates His Lodge of Perfection

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AMC comedy series Lodge 49 showrunner Jim Gavin explains his fraternal influences.

Member Profile: Greg McKenna

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Meet a tree-climbing Mason who’s “branching” out.

At the International Conference on Freemasonry, Exploring the Treasures in the Lodge Attic

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At the 11th International Conference on Freemasonry, expert historians train their sights on the lodge attic.

A Conversation with ChatGPT About Freemasonry

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What does ChatGPT have to say about Freemasonry? In the newest issue of California Freemason magazine, we asked the AI for its take.

Donor Profile: Hercules Valdez

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A former priest on what his world travels have taught him and how Masonic relief ties it all together.

Grand Master Randy Brill: Starting Again

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Grand Master of Masons of California Randall L. Brill explains how now’s the time for Freemasonry to begin again in California.


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