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In Masonry and Magic, Blending Illusion and Wonder

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For generations, the world’s greatest magicians have found a second home in Masonry. Why have Masonry and magic shared such a close connection?

At Ye Olde Cup & Ball Lodge, Magic Meets Masonry

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At Ye Olde Cup & Ball No. 880, California’s first affinity Masonic lodge, members are dedicated to mastering two crafts: Masonry and magic.

At Paradise Park, a Masonic Club in the Woods

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In Santa Cruz, a historic Masonic getaway prepares for its 100th anniversary while maintaining a unique ownership arrangement.

At Sunset Lodge No. 369, A Masonic Hall as Music Venue

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In Santa Monica, the lodge hall of Sunset No. 369 doubles as a venue for aspiring comedians, artists, and musicians.

The Masonic Homes of California: 125 Years and Still Growing

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This June, the Masonic Homes of California celebrates its sesquicentennial—and reflects on its next chapter of life.

How Richard Potter Vanished From History

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For 200 years, magician Richard Potter—once the most famous performer in America, and a Prince Hall Mason—has kept the public guessing.

The Brotherhood of Famous Mason-Magicians

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Meet the experts of two crafts: Exploring the hallowed roster of famous master Mason-magicians, from Harry Houdini to Lee Grabel.

In San Diego, the Johnny Ritchey Scholarship Honors a Legend

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A new Masonic scholarship in San Diego recognizes Johnny Ritchey, the “Jackie Robinson of the West Coast.”

In Long Beach, a New Bilingual Masonic Lodge

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Pilares del Rey Salomon joins California’s growing ranks of Spanish-English Masonic lodges.

When Masonic Relief Meets the Snow Patrol

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When a once-in-a-lifetime storm dumped 100 inches of snow on the San Bernardino Mountains, local Masonic lodges stepped up to deliver crucial relief.

Donor Profile: Dennis Yen

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A sometimes-magician with Ye Olde Cup & Ball Lodge No. 880 on the thrill of performing and the joy of giving back.

The Mystical Craft

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Grand Master Randall Brill on the connections between Masonry and magic.


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