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In Masonry and Politics, Finding Common Ground

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The political fights of daily life are conspicuously absent from the Masonic lodge. Can those lessons be practiced in the outside world?

At the Chinese Acacia Club, a Cultural Legacy Lives On

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For 77 years, the Chinese Acacia Club has created a space for Chinese American Masons, a historically underrepresented group.

His Grandfather Was Canceled. His Grandmother Was a Hero

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When a monument to his grandfather came under newfound scrutiny, Julius Kahn used the opportunity to shine a light on a lesser-known familial legacy: Florence Prag Kahn.

The Indian Masonic Degree Team Is a Band of Brothers

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How a Native American Masonic degree team forges bonds across cultures—and keeps a heritage alive.

Is It Manly to Talk About Politics, Religion, and Money?

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Politics, religion, and money: An expert on “manliness” explains how to discuss these tricky topics.

Centennial Salute

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How a century-old Masonic lodge boom is still reverberating today.

At Santa Barbara No. 192, Masonic Relief Comes From the Heart

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Don Goldberg and Santa Barbara No. 192 have an uncommon commitment to Masonic outreach.

Haggis and Harmony at a Masonic Burns Supper

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“Most people treat it like a dare,” says the organizer of an elaborate Masonic tribute to Robbie Burns, the poet laureate of the lodge.

Member Profile: The Man Behind the Mark

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Meet Rene Ceniceros, a Los Angeles tattoo artist specializing in Masonic ink.

New Masonic Philanthropic Gift Is Revving Up Technical Education

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A new gift from the Masons of California is helping San Diego kids go under the hood through high-tech education in growing fields.

On a Trip to the Grand Lodge of Hungary, a Global Connection Is Forged

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A Masonic trip to Hungary forges connections across borders.

Donor Profile: William Lavoie

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A Southern California Mason reflects on his approach to philanthropy, and why giving back can help create the world you want.

Grand Master G. Sean Metroka: What Really Matters

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Grand Master G. Sean Metroka reflects on finding common ground in turbulent times, and how Freemasonry can give us a scaffolding for it.


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