Patrick Muldoon

A Bridge-Building Mason Reflects on the Importance of Giving Back.

operations controller for golden gate bridge district

By Justin Japitana

California Freemason: As an operations controller for the Golden Gate Bridge District, has Freemasonry shaped your professional life?

Patrick Muldoon: Freemasonry has definitely shaped my approach to servant-leadership. I really enjoy encouraging the personal growth of the people I work with. That’s something I got from Masonry. I was coached and mentored by some fantastic men in my lodges (Windsor № 181, Mount Jackson № 295, and Academia № 847). I remember a past master telling me at my third-degree ceremony that I’d get back what I give out. He was absolutely right.

As a member of the Cornerstone Society, you’ve set aside a gift for the California Masonic Foundation. What inspired you to do that?

PM: Volunteering has been part of my life as far back as I can remember. It’s an important value that I’ve tried to teach my two kids. They give 10 percent of their own money to charity or to projects they connect with. I’m really proud they get a sense of joy from giving back. When it comes to Masonry, giving to the Cornerstone Society allows me to ensure that our fraternity and its services will remain long after I’m gone.

You’re also a captain for Masons4Mitts. What makes that program special to you?

PM: My wife and I both coach youth sports, so we get to see how kids develop, build friendships, and learn life skills through sports. All kids should be able to join a team and learn to support themselves and one another. Masons4Mitts helps kids get that positive, life-changing experience—especially kids who may not otherwise have that opportunity to participate. And then Masons Night at the Ballpark is a big yearly highlight for me because I can bring my family to a game, and they can see just how much the fraternity supports our community.

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