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Cesar Aguirre


By Ian A. Stewart

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California Freemason: How were you first introduced to Freemasonry?
Cesar Aguirre: My dad was a Mason in Peru. Growing up, I’d see him with all the other Freemasons, so I knew a little bit about it. But as I got older, I started wondering about what he actually did at lodge. That was the mystery of Freemasonry. I wanted to figure that out. So when I became an adult, I approached the lodge here [Naval Lodge No. 87]. I was very nervous, but I was welcomed by all the brothers from the very beginning.

CFM: Are there many differences between Freemasonry in California and in Peru?
CA: A major difference is that here, we do more philanthropic work—help out, get more involved in our community, which is something I like personally. In Peru, they do that a little bit, but it’s not as much a focus.

CFM: You made your first Anniversary-level gift this year. What inspired that?
CA: The past couple of years, I’d just been trying to pay my bills. But with this whole pandemic affecting so many, and with people losing their jobs, I felt very grateful—I still do—that I have a job and that my siblings and family still have their jobs. So I felt like I needed to contribute. I got a bonus this year, and felt like if I could, I had to help.

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