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Donor Profile: William Lavoie

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A Southern California Mason reflects on his approach to philanthropy, and why giving back can help create the world you want.

Donor Profile: Ernest Salcido Jr.

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A driver at the Masonic Homes talks about joining the fraternity and giving back.

Donor Profile: Dennis Yen

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A sometimes-magician with Ye Olde Cup & Ball Lodge No. 880 on the thrill of performing and the joy of giving back.

Donor Profile: Hercules Valdez

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A former priest on what his world travels have taught him and how Masonic relief ties it all together.

Donor Profile: Mike Tagulao

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How a Filipino culture of generosity has transformed California Mason Mike Tagulao’s approach to philanthropy and relief.

Donor Profile: CMMT Board Chairman Mark Pressey

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California Masonic Memorial Temple chairman Mark Pressey has a special connection with the home of California Masonry.


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