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Reuben Zari


By Justin Japitana

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California Freemason: You’ve been in the fraternity more than 20 years. What has kept you so engaged?
Reuben Zari: I truly enjoy the company and brotherhood. It gives me the opportunity to find true friendships with people who share the same values and interests as me. My interest in the ritual also gives me the chance to meet and guide new members.

CFM: How did you first learn about Masonry?
RZ: I joined DeMolay in 1975 and was elected as a junior counselor before my family came to the United States in 1979. My father was master of his lodge in the Philippines; my sister is a majority member of Rainbow for Girls and one of my brothers is a senior DeMolay.

CFM: How has Masonry impacted your life?
RZ: Coming from a family that’s very familiar with Freemasonry, the practice of giving was instilled in me very early. I have learned through Masonry—as well as through my faith—about the importance of providing aid and comfort to those less fortunate. I’m proud to say my personal beliefs align with the California Masonic Foundation. During my nine years as a Foundation trustee, I met a lot of passionate members who shared their ideas about giving with me.

CFM: Can you tell me about your line of work?
RZ: I retired from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power as a lead utility services specialist. Part of my responsibility was to help promote electric and water conservation programs. I’ve actually worked with Masons as customers, and thankfully, I find them to be patient and

CFM: You’re still involved with the Masonic youth orders. Can you tell me more about that?
RZ: I am currently the chapter dad of Atwater DeMolay and associate bethel guardian of Bethel № 43 in Los Angeles. I remember in 1999, when I was lodge master, my four-year old daughter wandered in right as I was about to gavel the lodge into labor. So I came down the steps, embraced her, and led her out of the lodge room with my master’s hat on. Years later, when she was a member of Bethel № 43, I was there with her as she witnessed the cross formation for the first time. It was quite a moment.

Photograph by:
Brandon Trodick

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