A Latin ROCK Singer on the Masonic Message in His Music

An Annotated Guide to Latin Rock Musician and Freemason Alejandro LaBorde’s Craft-Inspired Lyrics

By Ian A. Stewart

When Alejandro Laborde first learned about Freemasonry, he was intrigued but skeptical. A lifelong spiritual seeker, he connected deeply to its humanist messages. But, he says, “I didn’t do groups. I was more searching for my own path.” Finally, a visit to Panamericana № 513 (and later Oasis № 854) won him over. “I realized it’s about finding God within yourself—knowing yourself, working on yourself,” he says. The message resonated, and in the years since it has found its way into his songwriting—including his 2016 track “Te Iluminarás.” Here, the Latin folk guitarist and Masonic musician explains the meaning behind his lyrics. (Learn more about Masonic music and Masonic musicians in California Freemason’s Winter 2022 Music Issue.)

Spanish Version

Te Iluminarás
Alejandro Laborde & Auras ¹

Soy un humilde obrero / pero uso sombrero si se presta la ocasión / Voy por el mundo entero / se usar el dinero y lo comparto con amor / A tí yo te amo y quiero / y con mucho esmero yo te canto mi canción

Cuando a veces tropiezo solo me levanto / Sacudo los huesos y sigo mi canto / Viviendo el momento / Todo lo que tengo contigo mi cielo / La vida me sabe mejor

De donde soy no existen fronteras / tienes tu vivienda y también tu / habitación / Hoy voy por esta carretera / y paso a paso más me acerco  a tu corazón. / Así yo te amo  y quiero / y todo lo que tengo lo comparto con amor

Luna, luna, luna buscas la verdad / Entre las estrellas  tú la encontrarás / Luna, luna, luna sigues sin cesar / Entre tantos soles te iluminarás /  Te iluminarás

Te iluminarás /
Te iluminarás /
Te iluminarás

English Version

You Will Be Enlightened

I am a humble worker / But I wear the hat ² if the occasion arises / I go all over the world / I know how to use money and I share it with love ³ / I love you, and I want you / And with great care I sing you my song

When sometimes I stumble, I just get up / I shake the bones and continue my song / Living the moment / All I have with you my love / Life tastes better to me

Where I’m from, there are no borders / You have your home and also your room / Today I’m going down this road / And step by step, I get closer to your heart / So, I love and I want you / And everything I have I share with love

Moon, moon, moon, you seek the truth / Among the stars you will find it / Moon, moon, moon, you go on and on /Among so many suns, you will be enlightened / You will be enlightened

You will be enlightened /
You will be enlightened /
You will be enlightened

1. “I’m into a lot of metaphysical stuff. Being in a band, you’re always exchanging different energies and perspectives. Each member has their own aura. When you put them together, you get these different combinations of colors and energies.”

2. “I say I’m a humble craftsman, but I wear the hat if necessary. As the senior warden, I have had the opportunity to sit in when the master is out.”

3. “For the past 22 years, I’ve worked with adults with disabilities. You cannot take for granted your ability to walk or talk or understand people. I find that to be a part of brotherly love; to see that in other humans.”

4. I’m interested in spirituality, alchemy, the esoteric sides of religion. I started visiting the Self-Realization Fellowship of Paramahansa Yogananda. It has a lot of similarities to Freemasonry. At their temple, there’s a plaza with the symbols of all different religions. The message is it’s OK to come from different backgrounds. It’s about finding God within yourself.”

5. This song is about my journey through the degrees. We talk about light as knowledge or wisdom. It’s not about religion. It’s more universal than that. With my music, I try to speak to everyone. And if it touches you in some way, that’s the goal—to inspire people to be more friendly, more peaceful.”

Courtesy of Alejandro Laborde

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