Affected by COVID-19? Masonic Relief Is here

The Distressed WORTHY Brother Relief Fund is available for Masons experiencing COVID-19-related hardship.

These are hard times. COVID-19 not only affects the health of the most vulnerable among us, but also the livelihood of thousands, if not millions, of people whose income has suddenly been cut off. It’s during times like these that we as Freemasons show what we’re all about.

The new Distressed Worthy Brother Relief Fund is designed to help Masons affected by COVID-19 get back on their feet. For those who need an urgent hand paying for groceries or medication—or facing longer-term income instability—the Relief Fund will provide access to local, state, and federal resources, offer direct emergency funds, and assist in other ways. Despite new government assistance and other programs, many people will have gaps to fill. The Relief Fund can help cover some of those gaps.

For those in a position to give, the Relief Fund is an opportunity to fulfill the obligation all Masons take to care for our fellow brothers and their families. All California Masons are encouraged to give what they can.



Details about services and eligibility can be found here.

Apply online: Masonic Assistance Request Form

Apply by phone:  (888) 466-3642

This emergency relief is administered through the Masonic Outreach Services Assistance, part of the Masonic Homes of California.

Contact us via email:



All Masons are encouraged to give as little or as much as they can to the Relief Fund. 

Give online: 

Give by phone:  (415) 292-9117

Your gifts are appreciated.  

The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted life for all of us in California. But it’s also a golden opportunity for all of us, as Masons, to live up to the highest ideals of this fraternity. Being there for one another. That’s the real legacy of California Masonry, and it’s one we can—and must—take up today.