iMember Training

Exciting Changes to iMember Are Ahead. We'd Like to Share Them With You.

This summer, lodges in California will have a new, intuitive, web-based member management system. The benefits of this new platform include all of the functionality currently in iMember, plus the following upgrades:

  • Easy-to-understand dashboards for secretary and treasurers, and other lodge officers
  • Dues payments directly within the platform
  • New, integrated communications functionality, such as mail merge, email, and robo calls
  • Lodge locator for over 30 jurisdictions

In addition, the Lodge App functionality will move to this platform, so all of your lodge information is all in one place.

This spring, you’ll be able to learn how to use the new system at your own pace, and with help.  

At Your Own Pace

Log in to the test site using your own information.  Use the help desk to help navigate the site, and learn tips for success.  Log in to the system here to get started

In addition, you can watch the training video.

Use the Help Desk built into iMember 2.0 to get answers to common questions.


Training webinars with Grand View will be held every week.

Log in to the test site using your own information. Then select the “Seminars” tile and select the day and time. Please register for webinars with Grand View at least one day in advance.


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