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Cover Story: At Refreshment

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Why lifting a drink represents the pure, distilled essence of Freemasonry.

Building Better

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The Masons of California cast their eyes past the lodge doors—and toward 2025 and beyond.

The Deconstructed Lodge

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What will a Masonic lodge look like in the future? The answer is already here—and it probably won’t be in a lodge.

The Mystery House

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When a tiny apartment with a big-time literary past came up for rent, William Arney found himself walking in Sam Spade’s footsteps.

The Lodge That Wasn’t There

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Meet the Invisible Lodge, the most mysterious Masonic group in the known—or unknown—world.


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Four inspiring examples of Masonry deepening the bond between father and daughter.

Spreading Relief

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When the COVID-19 crisis erupted, the Masons of California found new ways to pull together and live up to their obligation to provide relief.

A Beautiful Experiment

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A century after the first Public Schools Week in California, Masonic support for education endures.

Golden Revival

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Celebrating the illustrious history—and glittering future—of Masonry in California’s Gold Country.

Crafting Their Legacy

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A stunning new exhibition explores the symbolism behind hand-crafted Masonic folk art.


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