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At Paradise Park, a Masonic Club in the Woods

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In Santa Cruz, a historic Masonic getaway prepares for its 100th anniversary while maintaining a unique ownership arrangement.

In Vancouver, a Masonic Lodge Redevelopment

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In Vancouver, a pair of lodges are reborn as mixed-use developments.

Millard Sheets Is the Artist Behind the L.A. Scottish Rite Temple

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At the Los Angeles Scottish Rite Temple, a Masonic landmark is a testament to a the artistic vision of Millard Sheets.

In Freemasons’ Hall, What’s Old is New Again

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At Freemasons’ Hall, inside the Grand Lodge of California temple in San Francisco, the past and future of Masonic lodge rooms collide.

At Downey United, a Mason Leaves an Artistic Legacy

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There’s no missing the massive, Egyptian-inspired wall art known as the Raj Mahal, executed by Mason artist Raj Champieri, at Downey United No. 220.

Wonders of Masonic America

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These colorful Masonic destinations are on the must-see list of every Masonic traveler and admirer of the craft.

The Famous Masonic ‘Traveling Trowel Train’ to Mexico of 1909

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In 1909, a special delegation of California Masons set for Mexico City to deliver a world-famous Masonic traveling “Unity” trowel.

For Argentina: Five Times the Masons, Half the Age

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In just the past decade, Argentina has seen a burst of Masonic activity: From only 2,200 Freemasons in 2008 to more than 10,000 today.

In Benicia, a Historic Masonic Lodge, Now with LEDs

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The 18th century Benicia Masonic Hall, the oldest Masonic lodge in California, gets a 21st century makeover.

Gaga for Googie

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Celebrating one of the state’s most architecturally distinctive Masonic temples.

Travelodge: In Vallejo, a Lodge-to-Loft Conversion

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A historic Masonic temple in Vallejo finds new life as artists’ lofts.


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