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Easy, Breezie

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A new pilot program is putting high tech in the hands of Masonic seniors.

Smashing Expectations

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At Acacia Creek , rigorous research drives an active culture.

Golden Guys

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Welcome to Shared Housing, an innovative new program in Covina.

Masonic Assistance: The Splinter Cell

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At the Masonic Home in Union City, residents find peace and wellness in spinning blades of steel.

The Other Butterfly Effect

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A little slice of nature is transforming care at the Masonic Homes’ campuses.

A Place to Call Home

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Whether you need independent living or skilled nursing and memory care, the Masonic Homes provides a safe place to call home for our Masonic family.

Caregiving and Connection

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Becoming a caregiver for a loved one can be both rewarding and challenging. Learning to navigate this dynamic with patience and grace is essential.


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