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Member Restoration

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Member restoration is an important new program. Learn more about it.

The Sister Brothers

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A new sister lodge program pairs rural lodges with big-city siblings.

Father Knew Best

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Newly installed Grand Master of California John E. Trauner opens up about leadership lessons, learning from history, and heeding the advice of his greatest hero—his dad.

2020 Grand Master’s Proclamations

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Together with the rest of the Grand Family, Grand Master John E. Trauner has announced his administration’s proclamations for the 2020 fraternal year.

Journey to Israel and Masonic World Conference

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Join John and Dana Trauner on the once-in-a-lifetime Grand Master’s Tour to Israel!

Hope Springs Eternal

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Deputy Grand Master John E. Trauner is moved by DeMolay’s role in shaping the Masonic leaders of tomorrow.


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